You’ve hit a snag, your idea needs a bit of a nudge. The bubble you’re in, is suffocating your creativity. The concept, “the way to get there just won’t come” and you can’t move forward. You know what, you’re not alone this happens to all of us.

Over the years, in various forums I’ve been able to engage with photographers and have had incredible results. The reason for the success, we found ways to move the creative process forward that was emotionally as well functionally achievable.

Some solutions are practical others are radical, both positive results.

Whether it is the solution to a problem, or a thought provoking moment that facilitates the emancipation of your vision, brainstorming is liberating! For me (and it should be for you) the process of creative interaction between two or more individuals is an incredible arena to be in. Really, I crave collaborating in the creative space.

Rather important, for me brainstorming is not about RAH RAH, Kum Ba Yah or an esoteric conversation about someone’s center. It’s about an explosion of ideas, with both feet firmly on the ground while achieving a reachable goal. Here are a few testimonials.

Rates: $100 per hour, with a two hour minimum.

You want the light to go off; together we can do it, contact me.