Estimating and Negotiating

Let’s face it, estimating and negotiating or writing a creative brief is not easy and can be especially tedious when you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off. Many photographers are not comfortable in this space, however it’s not brain surgery.

The entire process can be an intimidating task, we all get that. You get lost in the numbers and self-inflicted anxiety creeps in. Of course, then the opportunity is lost; it needn’t be that way.

Over the years, I’ve estimated jobs for every type of photographer, from commercial to photojournalist. I’ve built my reputation on being fair, insightful and professional. I’ve worked with most ad agencies and with almost every Art Producer. My roots run deep in area, truth to told I thrive on the creative collaborative process.

I can help you through the process of estimating and negotiating; it’s what I do. Know this, estimating is about creatively separating yourself from the competition and connecting with your client. It is this nuanced approach that leads to successful bids, plain and simple.

My approach is always collaborative, for any project we must work as a team. Crucially important, we’ll project a unified, seamless approach to the client. You can read a few testimonials.

Rates: $100 per hour, with a two hour minimum.

If you have a project and you feel you need assistance contact me. Together, we can tackle any brief and submit a responsible bid that will represent your creative vision.